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What’s New in Social Media Technology

Wearing glasses is a neat fashion statement for many of us specially when we are out in the sun. But wouldn’t it be cooler if our glasses can record videos while we walk around the street or one that might double as a dashboard camera when we’re driving on a busy road? Snapchat spectacles can do it all of that for you! With just a simple click on the top left side of the glasses, the embedded camera on the right can record real time in ten and thirty-second videos directly sent to your snapchat application wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

This new technology has been on the talks for years and Snap Inc. has finally release the gadget which is fun and easy to use. The item comes with a special case which allows you to recharge the spectacles to up to four times. You just have to fold in the glasses and simply put it inside the case. Tapping the glasses will display the battery life available.

When recording, the spectacles will let the people around you know through the circle light on the left side of the glasses. The spectacles only come in one size, but has three exciting colors – black, coral, and teal. Pairing also with your snapchat account is easy using Bluetooth and the snap code. It is now trending to use social media as a platform for advertising and corporate video production in Chicago is utilizing this in the way they are branding and reaching out to millenials.

The videos will come out in a circular view but what is cool is that you can turn your phone screen 360 degrees to view the entire scene.

Another notable gadget that has come out of the market recently is the Google glass. This glasses does not look like your typical eye piece. It has a bendable white/dark gray frame and on the right side of it is a camera, a sleek rectangular touch pad, a speaker and a detachable ear piece. The eye piece is adjustable to perfectly fit your line of sight and is operable only when connected to your google account. This device allows you to send files, check on messages and learn about what is happening in your account. This device’s package comes with a charger and a clear and dark lenses for you to use interchangeably.