About Us

We are a collective of video makers and vloggers from all around the country.

Our contributors range in age and experience from complete beginners putting out their first short film, to seasoned pros and professional video makers.

Between us, we reckon we have about two hundred years of experience and are still learning new things daily.

Whether you are doing your first video, maybe for a school or college project or have made your hundredth corporate presentation video, there is always something else to discover from talking to others.

Bringing people together was the aim of this site and despite us starting off small – with just a band of three – and now we have between ten and fifteen contributors.

But there is room for one more – you!

We are regularly on the lookout for new voices and people to write for us – as well of course share their videos with us.

There is always space for debate on our site and we love chatting over on the forum or our Facebook page.

All we ask is that you keep it friendly and polite. We are a supportive community providing help and assistance to one another, which we would like all our members to benefit from.

Keep an eye on our competition page for any news of upcoming contests and competitions. There is always something for even the newest director to get their teeth into.

We also feature details of master classes in editing, screenwriting and directing.

And even if you cannot attend any of the courses or classes, we have an extensive range of self-help videos, recorded by our members offering help and advice about ‘how to’ do everything, from the lighting for your short film to getting the casting right.

In a few short years, our blog has gone from the small scale to suddenly attracting thousands of followers.

We hope you will become one!